Deep Surface Fissures...


Way back in 2002, my 3rd collection of poems originally launched. It was a self-published venture, limited to 50 copies, each with ‘fissures’ cut into the black linen stock that glowed like lava when held up to the light with its red vellum endpages. Deep Surface Fissures Revealing a Furious Molten Core... was a proud step towards putting out something beautiful and unique, something I’ve aimed to do throughout these last 19 years or so.

Now I am happy to announce that the book is back in print after well over a decade in limbo…and I have a few copies over in the STORE.

This is all thanks to Ternary Editions, an imprint seeking to unearth and reprint an entire catalog of great small press books otherwise lost to the ages. The re-release saves the book from greater obscurity because, like many small press gems with limited (and collectible!) print-runs, once the initial run has sold out are all but impossible to get a hold of. Ternary aims to keep these gems in print with affordable reading editions available from their store as well as online retail worldwide.

The particulars: Poetry from Ternary Editions (2018), 76 pages, ISBN 1937073785

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