Did You Reserve a Copy of Puerto Penasco?

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An update for all who have reserved copies of Puerto Penasco via Pig Ear Press:

Good news! You should be contacted in the coming weeks by the mysterious Mr. Lally of Gozo containing particulars. Soon after, the downright gorgeous books should begin landing in their (your) respective boxes. Barring a miracle (or a cancellation), the hardbacks are all spoken for -- but there remain a few paperbacks up for grabs.

So dig out the change from the couch cushions, and reserve a copy if you haven't already.

Judas-hole or the Poet's Betrayal



It's wrong to say Tangerine Press has become a beast, because it absolutely started out as one, and has only gotten stronger. A quick flip through their back catalog, and you can quickly see what they've been doing, and glimpse just how high they're aiming in the future. So it goes without saying, when I see a call for submissions, I gather up some of my best.

And I was recently lucky enough to place a poem in Judas-Hole, or the Poet's Betrayal -- a glorious project available now. It's touted as a "chapbook journal of new writing" -- issue four in an ongoing series that includes Counterfeit Crank, Quincunx, Turpin's Cave. As with most of my favorite things, this is a limited edition -- only 53 numbered copies made -- hand-sewn by editor/publisher/designer Michael Curran.

And the contributors? Claudia Bierschenk, Billy Childish, Ford Dagenham, John Dorsey, Howie Good, Geoff Hattersley, Lyn Lifshin, Hosho McCreesh, Adrian Manning, Marc Olmsted, Joan Jobe Smith, and Fred Voss. Now, I don't know about that McCreesh fellow, but there rest of these folks really know how to string a sentence together.

So if you are a collector of rare and beautiful things, need a few good, hard, and true lines to get you through, or just have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket, give it a look. I doubt you'll regret it.

Puerto Penasco and the Wildman of Gozo...

As promised, my short story PUERTO PEÑASCO has been done up proper, with a letterpress cover PIG EAR PRESS style...on fine papers with an extra or two to taunt and tantalize.

As for what the story is about: A new dad drives the late-night city streets, dreaming of his old life while hoping to get his new baby to fall sleep; trademark, atmospheric McCreesh-ean hi-jinks ensue.

The edition consists of:

10 Hardbacks - (Update: As per the Wildman of Gozo, Mr. Lally at Pig Ear Press HQ in Malta: ALL HARDBACKS HAVE BEEN RESERVED)
26 Paperbacks - £7 (includes P&P)

So, to anyone who missed out on a hardback, let me first say, "Hey, thanks for being interested!," followed by an, "I'm really sorry..." and finally a, "You know, the best way to get advance notice of new books is to join my MAILING LIST!" -- an opt-in sign-up form that keeps you in the loop and (occasionally) lands you a freebie.

Now, if a paperback is in the budget (or if it's not but you gotta have it anyway) I encourage you to reserve your copy by either E-MAILING MR. LALLY or using his CONTACT FORM on the PIG EAR PRESS website. Again, there are only so many copies to be had, so if you're interested, don't miss out.

Okay, okay...keep answering the bell,


Death of the Author


So, this is fun:

Okay, so, the author no longer exists once the work is published and out there in the world -- to be read and interpreted.

Heck, even the writing of the book (which was seemingly an original act) is suspect because everything the author has ever read, seen, or experienced potentially informed the work, and it's merely a slap-dash combination of all these influences that produced it.

Furthermore, without the author there to walk each and every reader through the text (and probably even if the author WAS there to do it), the reading becomes a kind of attempt to decode its meaning...

But, of course, meaning isn't the meaning of the text, but rather whatever meaning the text offers the individual reader, what is memorable about the text to that reader, what the story becomes, the lessons that stick -- if even any!

And the process is every bit as ephemeral and individual for each and every reader...of each and every book! All of it filtered through our own perceptions (-aka- prejudices and predispositions)

So there you have it, writers and readers: none of it matters, and nothing is real!

Considering the current state of affairs, I find this all very comforting! It dovetails nicely with my "pale blue dot" philosophy/approach to living...which is to say most of what we do doesn't matter beyond whatever tiny little circle of folks we have, that everything we do has value only in the doing, and in the giving of it, rarely beyond that, and that chances are all human effort, save whatever space-junk we blast beyond our tiny galaxy, will eventually be devoured by the expanding, exploding sun...(if not by humanity before that!)...so...let's be as happy as we can, do our best to live lives we can be proud of, love as many people as well as we can, and do our level best to try not to worry too much!

Now go watch THIS, and laugh! And think.



Wonders Never Cease...

So, how about women the world over getting together in peaceful and purposeful protest of any and all threats to their progressive and inclusive platform and suddenly being responsible for the biggest one-day protest in U.S. history? As ever, you ladies amaze and delight me with your strength, poise, and unconquerable spirits.

In other news: Chicago's most beloved rapscallion, Ben Tanzer was kind enough to put And Turns Still the Sun at Dusk Blood-Red... on his list of stuff he loved in 2016. He's got a new book out soon, Be Cool. He'd be happy (& I'd be happy for him) if you gave it a try!

My name came up when Jared Carnie interviewed Joseph Ridgwell about his ever-growing body of work. You can read all about it HERE. Joe has a new short story, "Mexico," out in a beautifully hand-made edition from Pig Ear Press. It's the third such offering from them, and only 50 copies can be had, so get yours while the gettin' is good.

And lastly: I woke Monday to a unique email, from a kind woman, Leslie, in Tupelo, Mississippi. She said:

"I am in a play this weekend...titled Cicada..."

Those familiar with my work know that my poem of the same name, originally published by The Guerilla Poetics Project (newly rebuilt website HERE!), has bounced around social media in many surprising ways. As it turns out, Leslie found it while looking for a small gift "for the cast and crew for their opening night."

"I immediately saw your poem with the drawing of a cicada," she said, "and I fell in love with it..."

So, after a quick back and forth, she decided to print the poem "on a 5x7 tan-colored card stock" and "put in a frame for each of my theater cohorts on opening night, along with a little package of Fig Newtons, because my character, Granny Duvall, met her death by choking to death on half of a Fig Newton, 'because no one was home to fish it out of her throat!'"

Now if that's not a fine, fine way to start a work week, I don't know what is! So if any of you are in/near Tupelo and in want of something to do, why not take in a show?

Cicada• By Jerre Dye
Tupelo Community Theater
January 26-28, 2017

Written by Amory native, Jerre Dye, this highly acclaimed drama set in rural Mississippi is a coming-of-age ghost story deeply rooted in the life of a small southern family on the verge of transformation. The unrelenting July heat presses in on seventeen-year-old Ace and his mother Lily as they dig their way out the past. It’s a story about letting go and shedding what is no longer necessary in a world full of secrets, ghosts, and memories that hold on tight.

Okay, okay -- enough for now. Until next time,