Papa's Got a Brand New Bagazine...

Bagazine #7

That's right folks...a new Bagazine is due out directly...and, for the first time ever, I managed to place a piece in it! For those who don't know, Bagazine is "Assemblage - Bagism - Happening", a kick-ass conglomeration of all manner of "chapbooks, mini comics, broadsides, photographs, collage, drawings, interviews, printmaking, letterpress, xerox, gocco, stencil, woodcuts, etc." and they "strongly encourage emphasis on hand-made NOT machine-made" pieces. If this sounds even remotely cool to you, check out their gorgeous GALLERIES of past issues -- you won't regret it. Giselle and Johnny Brewton are the mad folks behind this truly unique approach to an art and lit mag, and I guarantee you'll recognize more than a few names in the ranks. Placing work with them has long been on my publishing dream list, and I couldn't be happier with the piece I made: a shrinky-dink of van Gogh's severed ear.

"Suffer For Art Like van Gogh" for Bagazine #7

"Suffer For Art Like van Gogh" for Bagazine #7

So if you're wondering what to do with that $50 Granny gave you, and just happen to love original, handmade ephemera from lots of interesting, creative personalities -- well, now you know!

Three New Poems (Rusty Truck)

I know what you're thinking: "What, still write poems?"

Okay, I deserved that. In all fairness, I write them...I just don't submit them anywhere...hence they rarely get out there (I know, I know -- shame on me).

Still, if you want to check out a few new ones, they're HERE at our old friends driving that Rusty Truck.

And don't forget -- POSTCARDS!

Okay, my battery is dying...

That's not a metaphor...I'm literally running out of juice. So I'll cut this short.

Did You Reserve a Copy of Puerto Penasco?

Puerto Pic.png

An update for all who have reserved copies of Puerto Penasco via Pig Ear Press:

Good news! You should be contacted in the coming weeks by the mysterious Mr. Lally of Gozo containing particulars. Soon after, the downright gorgeous books should begin landing in their (your) respective boxes. Barring a miracle (or a cancellation), the hardbacks are all spoken for -- but there remain a few paperbacks up for grabs.

So dig out the change from the couch cushions, and reserve a copy if you haven't already.

Judas-hole or the Poet's Betrayal



It's wrong to say Tangerine Press has become a beast, because it absolutely started out as one, and has only gotten stronger. A quick flip through their back catalog, and you can quickly see what they've been doing, and glimpse just how high they're aiming in the future. So it goes without saying, when I see a call for submissions, I gather up some of my best.

And I was recently lucky enough to place a poem in Judas-Hole, or the Poet's Betrayal -- a glorious project available now. It's touted as a "chapbook journal of new writing" -- issue four in an ongoing series that includes Counterfeit Crank, Quincunx, Turpin's Cave. As with most of my favorite things, this is a limited edition -- only 53 numbered copies made -- hand-sewn by editor/publisher/designer Michael Curran.

And the contributors? Claudia Bierschenk, Billy Childish, Ford Dagenham, John Dorsey, Howie Good, Geoff Hattersley, Lyn Lifshin, Hosho McCreesh, Adrian Manning, Marc Olmsted, Joan Jobe Smith, and Fred Voss. Now, I don't know about that McCreesh fellow, but there rest of these folks really know how to string a sentence together.

So if you are a collector of rare and beautiful things, need a few good, hard, and true lines to get you through, or just have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket, give it a look. I doubt you'll regret it.