The Official Chinese Gucci Thank You Party

You all helped make my first novel a truly rewarding experience for me, so -- if you’ll be anywhere near Albuquerque on February 19th, 2019 -- feel free to drop in to celebrate the release of Chinese Gucci.

Slate Street Cafe
Wine Loft
19 February 2019

Light Appetizers + Beer & Wine


Gettin' To Know You!

So the other day I found out that one of my readers is a London cabbie.

“That’s so cool,” I thought, “getting a quick little glimpse into someone’s life...”

It made me think about everyone who I only know in a surface way — maybe you’ve bought a book, or have engaged with me occasionally via email or social media, but never actually met. I realized I’d love to know more about you all, about your day-to-day lives, and home towns, hobbies, hopes and aspirations, etc. So I figured I’d throw together a little survey as a way to get a quick sketch of you in my mind.

While at it, I figured I’d ask about the books and broadsides you already have, and some general questions about your reading preferences. Those responses will help me put out work in the way you guys want to receive it.

It’s all completely voluntary as I am the only one who’ll see the responses. I hope what I ask doesn’t seem like prying — and certainly don’t answer if does! Basically, I like to send the occasional freebie or drop you a birthday hello, that sorta thing.

Okay — without further ado, let’s play GETTIN’ TO KNOW YOU!

Name *
Who are you? What's you day job, and what jobs have you done in the past? Hobbies?
(So, if I really have my shit together, I can drop you a postcard or a hello)
Which of my books do you own?
Check All That Apply
Do you own any of these broadsides/ephemera?
Check all that apply (other broadsides no longer available)

Past Ten + A View From the Keyboard...


And so time marches on…

Here’s to hoping you are all warm, safe, happy, and not too hungover, and don’t have to be to work today! Unless you want or need to be, and don’t really mind. I hope you got to spend time with family and friends over the past couple weeks, or just relax next to a fire, or in a warm tub, or even just lounge about in a robe all day, drinking White Russians and watching The Big Lebowski.

If you have a few minutes and are curious about A VIEW FROM THE KEYBOARD of yours truly, you can see a pic of the spot I did a fair amount of writing and editing of Chinese Gucci, and read a little excerpt too. And if you woke up wondering “where was Hosho ten years ago today,” you’re in luck…as I’ve written about exactly that (and about my tumultuous relationship with ambition) over at PAST TEN. I’d like to thank the editors of both spots for giving me a little space to blather on, and, of course, to you all for your interest and support.

Happy 2019 to you and yours!

(UPDATE)...And Then There Were None...

Don’t Stop…Get It. Get It…

Don’t Stop…Get It. Get It…

That’s it.

Just (update) zero Mini-Collage Bookmark Trade Paperbacks of Chinese Gucci remain.

These fifty signed, numbered editions come with an original, bookmark-sized mini-collage plus the free Leeches of Lore album download, and some other freebies. — plus an inscription (if you want one).

(UPDATE) they’re gone!

*note: I will offer standard trade paperback editions, often with a little something thrown in, and, as always, a free signature and/or inscription if you’d like via my store. Order HERE

GUCCI Goings-On at the HQ…

Mind Blown!

Mind Blown!

The HQ is buzzing because books are being packed up and will soon be sent out. The hardbacks need one final piece of design, then they too will be in the wind. Many thank yous to those who’ve bought special editions — you know you make me feel good, don’t cha? A paltry few copies of the mini-collage trade paperback remain, otherwise I’ll soon have standard editions available at the STORE, and you can find e-book editions at both Smashwords and Kindle, and print copies from the mega-giant you-know-where (who doesn’t need any extra help from me).

The Next Best Book Club put Chinese Gucci through the Page 69 Test, the results of which can be read HERE

Also, HYPERTEXT Magazine was nice enough to ask me “WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO MAKE YOUR PROTAGONIST SO ABRASIVE?” — and you can read why HERE.