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3 Poets Volume 2

It’s go time!

3 Poets Volume 2 is now available — 50 copies

If you don’t yet know the work of either Jose Pepe Arroyo or Mike Mahoney, my two compatriots in the American trio on display here, I suspect you will someday soon. Both have been writing with the passion and insight necessary to carry them over the years, and, to my mind anyways, both are criminally under-published. That puts the folks at East London Press on the cutting edge, and makes this an especially exciting book to be a part of.

The book is described as: "A super slim volume of poetry, letter pressed, hand-sewn, hand bound and pocket sized. Featuring the work of Mike Mahoney, Hosho McCreesh & Jose Arroyo. The books are of such dimensions as to be easily fitted into the back pocket of your jeans. Sexy is what they are and exclusive is what they will always remain.”

Publication date - 30th August 2019. Pre-orders now welcome. £4.99 per book plus P&P

East London Press, and all the gorgeous things they’re getting up to, is yet another outfit in the small but loyal crew of small presses out there working hard to Keep Books Dangerous, all of whom are worthy of whatever support feels right for you. Their books typically sell out, so if you know you want a copy — sooner is better than later. The book’s got a blend of old and new work from me, none of it published anywhere (if I’ve kept my bookkeeping straight), plus a chance to get to know Arroyo and Mahoney.

That’s a whole lotta love for your back pocket!

Deep Surface Fissures...

Deep Surface Fissures...

McCreesh's 3rd collection of poems printed in 2002, and originally limited to 50 copies, Deep Surface Fissures Revealing a Furious Molten Core... is back in print after over a decade in limbo…and I finally have a few copies for the store.

Ternary Editions,  an imprint seeking to unearth and reprint an entire catalog of great small press books otherwise lost to the ages, is proud to re-release the book that, like many small press gems with limited (and collectible!) print-runs -- are otherwise impossible to get a hold of. Poetry by Hosho McCreesh from Ternary Editions (2018), 76 pages

Taco Fairy CD

Taco Fairy CD.jpg

FREE with any ol’ order from the STORE (at least for a while) — A CD of yours truly reading the short story “Taco Fairy.”

For those who don’t know it, in “Taco Fairy” we wonder what will $2 get you at a nearby tacqueria?
The answer: A world of stupid trouble.

Many thanks to Jose Arroyo for the glorious woodcut artwork.

Trailer Park Quarterly...

TPQ pic.png

Many thanks to Rebecca Schumejda and the folks at Trailer Park Quarterly for publishing “19 Literary, Musical, and Cultural Allusions in Chinese Gucci.” It was fun to go back through the book and pluck these out.

Did you catch any of these with your initial read?

Are You Free Tuesday?

GUCCI prizes.jpg

Remember to mark your calendars folks — next Tuesday is the shindig.

Here is a peek at just a few of the above average prizes that await you!

The Official Chinese Gucci Thank You Party

19th February 2019

Slate Street Cafe
Wine Loft
515 Slate Ave NW

Light Appetizers + Beer and Wine
Prize Pinata