And So It Begins... [The Chinese Gucci Pre-Sale]

Let’s do this!

The special edition hardbacks and trade paperbacks are AVAILABLE NOW — first come, first serve. I can also announce that every special edition will come with a code for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Leeches of Lore album mentioned in the novel, along with a few other freebies.

*Remember, the book won’t actually be released until the end of November.

Also, if you want to RESERVE T-Shirt, do it by 18 October 2018 — as I’ll need some time to actually get the shirts made by the kickass DARKO PRINT SHOP here in town.

Do you want to slap some stickers up around your hometown? Type a good address below and I’ll send out some stickers post haste.

Here are a few time-lapse videos of collages being made.

Over at INSTAGRAM you can see some of the Mini-Collage Bookmarks — one of which comes in each and every special edition trade paperback.

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