Gettin' To Know You!

So the other day I found out that one of my readers is a London cabbie.

“That’s so cool,” I thought, “getting a quick little glimpse into someone’s life...”

It made me think about everyone who I only know in a surface way — maybe you’ve bought a book, or have engaged with me occasionally via email or social media, but never actually met. I realized I’d love to know more about you all, about your day-to-day lives, and home towns, hobbies, hopes and aspirations, etc. So I figured I’d throw together a little survey as a way to get a quick sketch of you in my mind.

While at it, I figured I’d ask about the books and broadsides you already have, and some general questions about your reading preferences. Those responses will help me put out work in the way you guys want to receive it.

It’s all completely voluntary as I am the only one who’ll see the responses. I hope what I ask doesn’t seem like prying — and certainly don’t answer if does! Basically, I like to send the occasional freebie or drop you a birthday hello, that sorta thing.

Okay — without further ado, let’s play GETTIN’ TO KNOW YOU!

Name *
Who are you? What's you day job, and what jobs have you done in the past? Hobbies?
(So, if I really have my shit together, I can drop you a postcard or a hello)
Which of my books do you own?
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Do you own any of these broadsides/ephemera?
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