Visual Bibliography

The DrunkSkull Flask Clamshell Edition

Like the gorgeous website Collecting Bukowski, I have long wanted to chronicle all the special editions of my books in my own cheapjack version, but never set aside the time to do so.

Well, I finally found the time. For your viewing pleasure, I humbly offer up my VISUAL BIBLIOGRAPHY.

So for anyone who wondered what my early, out-of-print stuff looked like, now you know! For those of you that own some of these, I've tried to include the editions' limitations, so you'd have an idea. And for any of you completest collectors out there...all I can say is, "I'm sorry." Many of these books were extremely limited, pre-sold out, or were never even sold at all.

But, hey, aren't they great? If anything, I just like seeing them laid out...feels good to see so many years of truly rewarding work! Click on an image to watch the slideshow. If you're the type who is interested in early warning about pre-sales and those sorts of things, sign up for the NOTIFY LIST -- where first word is always sent.