7 Ways to Support Your Favorite Small Presses & Authors (#3 & #7 will shock you!!!)

Okay...okay...apologies for the clickbait headline. I'm not proud of it. But, hell, it's hard out there for the small presses of the world. They get squeezed on all sides, and most small press ventures lose money. But I truly believe that the small press is where the stakes allow for real risk-taking, and that makes them a vital part of publishing. So here's some things you can do (many from the comforts of your own homes) to support them.

1) Buy Their Books
Okay, that's obvious enough. But maybe you didn't know that buying directly from a small press website is the best kind of sale for them? Cutting out the middlemen helps the bottom line, no two ways about it. But buying their books, in whatever ways they've dreamed up to sell them, is what keeps them going.

2) Connect with Small Presses Across Social Networks
It's a quick, easy way to let the folks know their hard work is reaching people. If you're into retweeting and sharing and liking, and posting, then brag up your favorite presses and our favorite books there. Maybe someone new will check them out.

3) Review Their Books on Goodreads and Amazon
Yep...it matters. A lot, as it turns out. It's how algorithms for those sites decide a book is worth promoting. And, basically, it's the only way they decide.

4) If you can't review the books, then at least RATE the books.
It helps, for sure, for the same reasons as above. Log in to your accounts, click the # of stars you give it. Done and done.

5) Pass on Small Press Books You Love to the Folks You Love!
Got a friend who'd love the book you just read? Give it to them! Especially if your shelves are splintering under the weight of all your books!

6) Better Still, Just Buy Them a Copy of Their Own!
Oh, who are we Kidding--we're not giving our books to anyone! But it still should be our duty to spread our favorite literature across the cultural divide. And every small press could use an additional sale to a repeat customer!

7) Tattoo Their Logos on Your Body!
Okay...maybe that's not everyone's bottle of sarsaparilla. But it's usually good for some freebies! to the folks who have MY logo tattooed on them, I'll always send them good stuff!