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Opening Salvo...

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Chinese Gucci’s main character, Akira, is maddening, endearing, troublesome, wounded, lonely, lazy, and a tremendously enthralling ne’er-do-well. A modern Ignatius J. Reilly selling knock-off Chinese Gucci on eBay. You’ll love him and hate him, you’ll want to save him and throw him off a building. Hosho McCreesh is a serious talent and Chinese Gucci is a tremendous debut.
— Willy Vlautin, author of Don’t Skip Out on Me
I’m not sure how much a blurb from an obscure writer will help, I’m shit at blurbs. Chinese Gucci is uniquely American and reads very clean and lucid, a vivid representation of real American lives, as opposed to all that Hollywood crap. It’s a great novel, amigos.
— Joseph Ridgwell, author of Burrito Deluxe

So then...a couple of early blurbs about Chinese Gucci courtesy of Willy Vlautin and Joseph Ridgwell. And as we inch ever closer to the pre-sale, pop on over to the STORE to get your free audio book teaser -- the first 5 chapters as read by yours truly -- a thank you to everyone for your interest and support.

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