shrinky dinks

Papa's Got a Brand New Bagazine...

Bagazine #7

That's right folks...a new Bagazine is due out directly...and, for the first time ever, I managed to place a piece in it! For those who don't know, Bagazine is "Assemblage - Bagism - Happening", a kick-ass conglomeration of all manner of "chapbooks, mini comics, broadsides, photographs, collage, drawings, interviews, printmaking, letterpress, xerox, gocco, stencil, woodcuts, etc." and they "strongly encourage emphasis on hand-made NOT machine-made" pieces. If this sounds even remotely cool to you, check out their gorgeous GALLERIES of past issues -- you won't regret it. Giselle and Johnny Brewton are the mad folks behind this truly unique approach to an art and lit mag, and I guarantee you'll recognize more than a few names in the ranks. Placing work with them has long been on my publishing dream list, and I couldn't be happier with the piece I made: a shrinky-dink of van Gogh's severed ear.

"Suffer For Art Like van Gogh" for Bagazine #7

"Suffer For Art Like van Gogh" for Bagazine #7

So if you're wondering what to do with that $50 Granny gave you, and just happen to love original, handmade ephemera from lots of interesting, creative personalities -- well, now you know!