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Throw Back Thursday!

Throw Back Thursday! It's an actual thing! In order to participate, you simply post a picture of something from way back (it need not have originally been a Thursday, which clears up a lot for me...because, honestly, how could everyone remember that?!). So here we are, drink in the mind-bending design of my first book, a long-out-of-print (and for good reason) diddy called All the Days, All the Things...

Yep, that's the ACTUAL cover...(Gulp!)

Yep, that's the ACTUAL cover...(Gulp!)


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As you all probably know, I'm a small press fan. I'm a fan of doing what you can to get your work out there, of trying to get it our by whatever means necessary. But I'd be lying if I said THIS ARTICLE doesn't make some decent points about the limitations of self-publishing. What do you think?

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New Bill Taylor Jr. - To Break the Heart of the Sun
New Bill Taylor...need I say more? If you don't know his work, find some, get you some. In the Mecca of poetry cities San Francisco, he is, for my money, the best. And with a gorgeous cover and print job by Amanda Oaks at Words Dance, honestly, this is pure small press goodness!

Also: If you ever needed a reason to enjoy Bill Hader's work more, just check out these INSIGHTS INTO HIS READING LIFE. Proof positive that reading make you interesting!

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Pig Ear Press

Last but not least: My short story, "Puerto Penasco" is set to get the Pig Ear treatment sometime in the next half-year or so. That, to me, is great news. Pig Ear puts pure heart and soul into their fine, fine productions, and I feel lucky to eventually be part of the stable. More specifics when I have them, but for an idea of what to expect, check out this downright cracker of a book: Joe Ridgwell's "Cuba."

Ridgwell's  Cuba  from Pig Ear Press

Ridgwell's Cuba from Pig Ear Press

Still THIRSTY After All These Years...

Shochu in Korea

Way back in 2013, when THIRST first came out, some of you might remember all the DrunkSkull stickers and sundry that made its way around the world. Well, just this yesterday, another sticker landed in another faraway locale -- and here's the photographic evidence (with many thanks to Jocelyn!!)

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If you've ever wondered why all the best TV ain't on network TV...well, it's the same reason all the exciting beer comes from microbreweries, and all the dangerous books come from the small press! CONNECT THE DOTS HERE.

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William Taylor, Jr's To Break the Heart of the Sun -- the man hasn't written a bad book yet!

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Hail, Caesar! - The breezy Coen Bros. romp hides the subtle soul-searching at the core.