past ten

Past Ten + A View From the Keyboard...


And so time marches on…

Here’s to hoping you are all warm, safe, happy, and not too hungover, and don’t have to be to work today! Unless you want or need to be, and don’t really mind. I hope you got to spend time with family and friends over the past couple weeks, or just relax next to a fire, or in a warm tub, or even just lounge about in a robe all day, drinking White Russians and watching The Big Lebowski.

If you have a few minutes and are curious about A VIEW FROM THE KEYBOARD of yours truly, you can see a pic of the spot I did a fair amount of writing and editing of Chinese Gucci, and read a little excerpt too. And if you woke up wondering “where was Hosho ten years ago today,” you’re in luck…as I’ve written about exactly that (and about my tumultuous relationship with ambition) over at PAST TEN. I’d like to thank the editors of both spots for giving me a little space to blather on, and, of course, to you all for your interest and support.

Happy 2019 to you and yours!