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Pre-Sale Pricing Ends Tonight...

If you’ve been waiting for the last minute, then that time has officially arrived! Pre-Sale pricing for the Chinese Gucci special editions will end tonight at midnight (mountain standard time).

That means you’ve got about 10 hours to save a staggering $75 on a lettered COLLAGE-COVER HARDBACK (26 total) with a one-of-a-kind original collage as its cover, or $3 a MINI-COLLAGE BOOKMARK TRADE PAPERBACK (50 total).

Again — all come with a free digital download of the Leeches of Lore album mentioned in the book, along with stickers, a postcard, and whatever else I dream up.

Raid the piggy bank or turn up the couch cushions, as today’s the last day to save.

Chinese Gucci Double Feature

Two new videos to check out this weekend, and a reminder that the special editions are available for pre-order right now…and they are being grabbed up at a decent clip. Especially the hardbacks…so, as an ol math teacher of mine used to say, “A hint, to the wise, is sufficient!”

This week’s collage-as-it-was-made time-lapse. As with all the collage videos, some lucky hardback buyer will end up with this as the actual cover of their copy.

And it’s official: Every special edition hardback and trade paperback will come with a free digital download of the Leeches of Lore album mentioned in the novel itself.

Another set of BLURBS for the book:

File Under...

File Under: Forthcoming

Christopher Cunningham and I are slated to have our new Bottle of Smoke book out in January, 2016.

Also, it looks like I'll have something in THIS.

And maybe even HERE.


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Belle Du Jour by Luis Buñuel, starring Catherine Deneuve

BoJack Horseman - Season 2


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Leeches of Lore - Motel of Infinity

"Nirvana" - a Charles Bukowski poem as read by Tom Waits


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Belief Is Its Own Kind of Truth, Maybe by Lori Jakiela

Black Neon by Tony O'Neill

How To Get Into The Twin Palms by Karolina Waclawiak