life day

Life Day...

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So, today is the official release date for Chinese Gucci.

That’s not, however, the most important thing about this date for me.

It was no accident that I chose today to release the book, and no accident that the book is dedicated to my mom’s doctor from many years ago, Dr. Francisco Amprero. All those years ago, my mom was given a diagnosis of cervical cancer and a 15% chance of living.

She did.

One of the things at work in the book is just what happens (or could’ve happened, in my case) when a family loses its lynchpin. I thought a lot about what kind of kid I could’ve been had things worked out worse for me. Suffice it to say, I am forever grateful that they didn’t break that way.

So today, as my mom runs off to the casino to gamble and will later get drunk on cheap champagne, I feel lucky for my life, lucky to have this chance to chase my humble dreams, and to do so with the love and support of so many who’ve helped me along the way.

Happy Life Day.