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Drunken Blather... THIS IS NOT A TEST

Michael Phillips, a.k.a. MJP, a man of many talents, invited me to his house for a little (okay, a lot) of Four Roses Bourbon, and a little (okay a lot) of drunken blather. He's turned it into the latest episode of his podcast, THIS IS NOT A TEST. He's described the episode like this:

"An inebriated "interview" with author and artist Hosho McCreesh. Including discussion of telephones, Hot Pockets, the Guerilla Poetics Project, pre-established familiarity, Four Roses bourbon, apology and explanation, leaving your balls at Disneyland, buying fake purses in Juarez, all jobs are lousy, people who use typewriters are assholes, the shrinking world of the aging, binding books with Admiral Kurtz (a.k.a. Bill Roberts), writing running its course, being stuck on a tiny dust mote in a vast emptiness and lack of preparation."

Listen HERE. I guarantee at least 3 chuckles, a giggle or two, if not one or two out & out guffaws.