Poetry from Mary Celeste Press (2013), 88 pages

Originally released by Mockfrog Design Press as part of their New Century Poets Series 2 collection, and out of print since 2002, Mary Celeste Press is proud to release this 3rd expanded edition. In this edition all of the original poems from the 1st & 2nd editions have been collected, plus 19 uncollected poems written during the era.

“McCreesh doesn’t see what we see. He’s looking elsewhere, at the underside, what’s beneath, what’s outside. He sees the people that go everyday unseen, some not wanting to be seen, some just needing to be noticed once to make everything okay, to prove to themselves that there’s a reason to get out of bed the next morning. McCreesh sees all this, then he borrows a pen, buys a Guinness with a smile for the waitress, and writes it all down. And we are better for it.”
— Stephen Hines, author of The Late Season

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