Drunken Poetry from Artistically Declined Press (2013), 368 pages

In the footsteps of Charles Bukowski comes Hosho McCreesh’s magnum opus of drunk poetry. Mammoth in size and scope, A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst is unlike any of McCreesh’s previous collections.

Because writing and drinking go hand in hand,  it may seem an impossible challenge for a poet to offer new perspective of this well-worn, symbiotic relationship.  But Hosho McCreesh does, and in his brilliant collection “A Deep and Gorgeous Thirst” he uses subject matter that might feel old and tired in the hands of a less capable poet and turns out poem after poem as exciting and irresistible as the first flush of new desire.
— Tony O’Neill, author of Black Neon and Sick City
A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst is for anyone who’s ever had a drinking buddy—and who hasn’t? A perfect elegy to the illusions and delusions of alcohol. A book to be tasted and savored.
— Mark SaFranko, author of Hating Olivia, and No Strings

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