Correspondence between Cunningham and McCreesh from Orange Alert Press (2009), 236 pages

In 2002, America was unsure of its future, panicked by its recent past, and struggling to come to terms with a mounting war and the ever-changing colors of terror. Through it all two small press poets in a new-found friendship felt it necessary to stop the chaos and share their thoughts, views, struggles, fears, frustrations, and daily triumphs with each other. Sometimes scathing and brash, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes self-assured, the conversational threads have been woven into a constant, furious tapestry covering the landscape of the American South, the desert Southwest and all the way to the cold mountains of Switzerland. These letters represent a refusal to submit and a wild shout to the heavens that art can still matter.

Full of rage, beauty and ragged glory.
— Ben Tanzer, author of The New York Stories and You Can Make Him Like You
Cunningham and McCreesh are the Beats for the modern day–they’ve created a potent political and cultural critique mixed with a shorthand style and bopsody pace all their own.
— Deck Fight