Chinese Gucci

And Turns Still the Sun at Dusk Blood-Red
This Book Will Change Your Life by Ben Tanzer; Goodreads;


A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst

Leah Angstman; Gerald Locklin; Mark SaFranko; Scot Young; Mel Bosworth; Poet Hound; Alan Catlin; Alibi - Leo Newfeld; Alibi - Lisa Barrow; Tony O’Neill; William Boyle; These Are But Shadows; Flavorful Journeys; Lori Jakiela; Novel Worms; Read Dream Relax; GoodreadsThe Coil (Nicole Tone)


For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed...

Change Your Mind; Prick of the Spindle; All the Things Leah Shouldn’t Say; Ken Wohlrob; Goodreads; The Coil


Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon

Deckfight ; The CoilGoodreads


4th Street Vagaries

Don Wentworth - Lilliput Review; Poethound; The Buffaloe Pen 


An Adamant, Unmitigated Hope Even Amidst the Doom...

Poethound; The Buffaloe Pen;


Marching Unabashed Into the Weeping, Searing Sun...



37 Psalms from the Badlands

Poethound (+ interview) , Orange Spotlight , All the Things Leah Probably Shouldn’t Say, The Coil



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