Poetry from Alternating Current Press (2011), 92 pages

Quarter-page-sized, laser-printed, saddle-stapled, full-color on colored cardstock cover

From the publisher:

"Hosho McCreesh is one of the gems of the small press, with words dripping with honesty and integrity, hundreds of slaps in the face and equally as many enjoyable recollections of happiness. McCreesh is a storyteller, focusing on the tiniest of details in aching perfection and necessity, unraveling simple thoughts and teetering on the edge of complexity with just the right amount of coherence and authority. An observer, a thinker, a deep philosopher, a quiet lover -- Hosho's stories are of people's struggles in the everyday, the legacies we pass on to children, the lies in which we allow ourselves to reside, the passage of time and all it carries with it. His words choke to find something beautiful in the mundane, to spring up like dandelions in the dark recesses of anonymity, to find familiarity in the cold stares of strangers, to become at ease with just the thought of being human in the concrete age of technology and silence. For those in search of a fresh voice among the blogs and dime-a-dozen poets of today, McCreesh is the poet we recommend for that breath of fresh air, that look in the mirror, the feeling that we can still connect in an isolated age and find beauty in all the simple imperfections of a world bulging at the seams to hold us all."